100b Victoria Road, Devonport
Auckland, New Zealand


Rules and Conditions for hiring venues at Devonport St Paul's Ltd, 100b Victoria Rd, Devonport - Bookings will only be treated as firm once Devonport St Paul's confirms the booking in writing, following receipt of the deposit payment.

Payment: A down payment of 50% of the hire amount is required as deposit before any booking can be confirmed. The balance of the payment is due 30 days before the event takes place. Deposits are non-refundable. Different arrangements may apply to repeat bookings (evening classes etc).

Cancellation by hirer: If the hirer cancels the booking 60 days or more prior to the event, Devonport St Paul's shall retain the deposit. If the hirer cancels the booking within 60 days of the event, Devonport St Paul's shall be entitled to recover the full cost.

Booking: When booking, the Hirer shall give an accurate description of the type of event, and the best estimates as to numbers attending. Devonport St Paul's reserves the right to not accept a booking, or to subsequently cancel a booking should it not be accurately described by the Hirer, or if the booking appears likely to create a nuisance.

Bond: A security bond (usually equal to the hire fee) may be requested for certain events.

Cleaning: The Hirer is responsible for leaving the venue in a clean and tidy state. Devonport St Paul's is happy to carry out after-function cleaning at the rate of $35 per hour.

Extraordinary Costs: In addition to the hire charges, the Hirer will be liable for:
a) Any damage to the property, or theft, during the hire period caused by the Hirer or Guests, or caused by the Hirer's lack of care or breaching any of these conditions.
b) Any extra cleaning, rubbish removal or repairs or cleaning that Devonport St Paul's Ltd considers reasonably necessary after the event.
c) Excess charges if the pre-booked hours are exceeded.

Use of Venue: The Hirer agrees to:
a) ensure that no guest behaves in an inappropriate way, either on the premises or nearby.
b) not to sell or consume alcohol in, or in the vicinity of, the premises unless the Hirer has obtained the appropriate liquor license, or is exempt from the requirement to obtain such a license.
c) report any damage immediately
d) follow all Council and Government Regulations
e) tidy up after the event, and to leave the premises in a clean condition.
f) follow instructions from Devonport St Paul's to minimise any late-night noise.

Obligations: the Hirer accepts all responsibility in respect of any claims of any kind arising from loss, damage, theft or injury sustained in connection with the use of the venue. Unless the Hirer shall show before the commencement of the period of hiring that any property owned by Devonport St Paul's in the venue is damaged and reports this fact to Devonport St Paul's, such property shall be deemed to have been undamaged at the commence of the period of hire.

Community Rate: some non-profit or community groups may be given a special discount. Anyone booking on a community rate accepts that Devonport St Paul's has the right to move the time and/or location of their booking, should there be a clash with a subsequent booking, or if that is impractical for either party a refund will be given.

Ongoing bookings: the hirer agrees that where a booking is made for a repeat time and day (i.e. 7-8pm every Tuesday night) then Devonport St Paul's reserves the right to review the contract from time to time and give the hirer adequate notice in writing if necessary to changes to the contract.

Cancellation by Devonport St Paul's: Devonport St Paul's expressly reserves the right to refuse any application and/or to cancel any engagement already made, and to refund the deposit and/or rental paid, if such action is considered to be warranted. Devonport St Paul's shall not be liable in any way for any loss or damage or otherwise in consequence of the exercise of this right.

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